What to Expect at a Glazier Soccer Clinic:
Our clinics get to the heart of what makes a winning program.

  • 50+ Clinic Sessions
  • 3-4 Topics per Hour
  • Access to Online Drills with the Glazier Vault
  • Top Speakers


You'll walk away from our soccer coaching clinics with tangible takeaways to make your program better that day. With 50+ speaker sessions at every clinic and 3-4 topics per hour at every clinic, you'll get in-depth topics covering this and more:

  • Individual Attacking Drills
  • Man/Zone Defending
  • 4-2-3-1 System
  • Team Attacking Drills
  • Functional Technique-Defenders/Defending Midfielders
  • Goalkeeper Positioning/Communication
  • Functional Technique-Attacking Midfielders/Forwards
  • 4-3-3 System
  • Transitions
  • 3-5-2 System


US Soccer
San Jose State
Sam Houston
South Dakota State
Nevada Reno
Illinois Wesleyan
Northern Illinois
Seattle Sounders FC

Winning Coaches Rave About Glazier Clinics:

"The professionalism of the speakers, staff, and attendees at the Glazier Clinics was first-class. Every session had something to make your program better. Keep up the purposeful work!"

Chris Lawson
Head Varsity Coach
Rockhurst HS (MO)

"Glazier is more beneficial than many national clinics I have been to. The clinicians are very knowledgeable and are willing to share how and why they vary their drills and tactics. I would highly recommend the Glazier Clinics."

Craig Siemsma
Head Men's Coach
Dordt College (IA)

"Glazier Clinics allowed me the opportunity to professionally collaborate with other coaches in an atmosphere that encouraged growth and development. The clinic reinforced time tested principles and introduced innovative tactics that improved my program."

Peter Valdez
Head Soccer Coach
Waukegan HS (IL)

"Glazier Clinics provided my coaching staff a unique opportunity to connect with knowledgeable presenters who were professional in their delivery of a variety of topics, but also personable and open to discussion."

Jonah Fields
Head Boys' Coach
Como Park HS (MN)